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Our Products
A well-developed organizational system and culture geared towards innovation marks our growth. Operating in a very exclusive niche market, PanAsia Carpets offers the following qualities of carpets:

Machine Woven Carpets:

Wilton Woven
Wire Wilton Technology producing:

  • 100% Loop Pile Pure Wool Woven Carpet
  • Cut / Loop Pure Wool Woven Carpet
  • 100% Cut Pile Pure Wool Woven Carpet

Aviation Carpets

  • 100% Loop Pile Pure Wool Fire Retardant Wire Wilton Woven Carpet

Axminster Woven
Weaving on most advanced technology high speed Axminster looms give us an edge on other manufacturers to produce carpets up to 12 rows with 16-colour combination as a standard feature in our product. Our Axminster carpets have 80% virgin wool from UK/New Zealand and 20% nylon with the optimum blend for performance, luxury and comfort. Also available in 100% nylon.


Machine Tufted Carpets:

  • Wool Multi Level Loop Scroll & Nylon Multi Level Loop Scroll, PP Multi Level Loop Scroll
  • Wool Cut/Loop & Nylon Cut/Loop, PP Cut/Loop
  • Wool Tufted
  • PP Graphic Tufted
  • Berber
  • Nylon Frieze & PP Frieze

Belminster Hi-Definition Chromojet Printed Carpets: On Nylon, 80/20 Wool/Nylon or 50/50 Wool/Nylon


Carpet Tiles Nylon & PP: Plain & Graphic Loop/Cut pile of various international standards and sizes of 100cmx100cm, 60.9cmx 60.9cm and 50cmx50cm in both PU and PVC backing.



PanAsia Carpets offers products of highest standards of machine-made carpets produced in the world. The carpets are Moth proof, Static proof, Anti-Stain, Fire Retardant, Colorfast, and highly durable. As an internationally certified quality carpet provider, PanAsia Carpets offers products of the finest raw materials such as Wools of New Zealand and British Wool and nylon made by INVISTA, SOLUTIA, and TORAY. Combining state-of-the-art technology and effective quality control systems, PanAsia Carpets assures its customers of high quality standards and outstanding performance of its products. The products comply with outstanding Brand Value and International Quality Standards and following Certifications:


Service offerings:

  • Design assistance by in-house design team
  • Strike-off development
  • Assistance on installation/layout pattern
  • On-site measurement
  • Supply of accessories
  • Professional fitting in accordance to designs and patterns

The team has made a presence in various hospitality and commercial projects across the country.